You’ve spent a great amount of time developing your new product. You know it will be the hottest, and greatest in the market. You have the resources, a retail website and free social media account to hopefully drive customers your way. However, you maximize your effort in social media and then the customer’s flow are only a thin stream when you are hoping for a huge amount of traffic and conversions. Unfortunately, it takes more than a website and social media account to generate traffic and sales.

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Frustration is high and you seek guidance. You’ve been advised to attend a tradeshow, but too expensive. You try to hire an agency but too expensive, you try with freelancers but their execution is bad. Others advise to get the product to the retail stores but can be difficult. The problem is not the lack of exposure to the world, is the lack of exposure to the customer. You have heard of the big giants in the online business, the problem there could be that your little-known product may get lost in the shuffle and your exposure remains underdeveloped. Luckily, you have Norliden that will help you gain exposure to your potential customers who are ready to make a purchase.

Norliden is committed to providing outstanding service to our vendors. We believe in mutual trust between Norliden, customers and sellers by providing transparency, share information, ideas, and help both buyers and sellers for that amazing experience. At Norliden, we are very competitive and we will work hard, play hard to succeed. We will never give you hard time nor playing games with your rights and apply fairness to everybody.

We are giving an opportunity for startups and established businesses to expand their presence and reach out to more buyers, both locally and internationally. While buyers opt for marketplaces for several reasons, like a larger selection of products, items comparison, read reviews and ability to research before buying the product.

We are developing the best online marketplace, and we have considered these major concerns that we responsibly are taking into account:

  • Attracting vendors/sellers who provide high quality and unique products that you cannot find anywhere else and guarantee it will bring over consumers
  • Build your own store
  • User-friendly interface for both buyers and vendor/sellers ensuring a fun and secure shopping experience
  • Safety and reliability are a Norliden priority. We also provide with reasonable prices, responsible merchants, and secure transaction software so you can feel happy and safe about your purchase
  • Norliden also provides marketing strategies for our vendor/sellers. Promotional and marketing tools for vendors, including Facebook integration
  • Strong community support so you can concentrate on what you do best

We at Norliden are here to help the entrepreneur, start-up business or micro business to expose their products to the right customer. We understand your situation, you are busy and we keep it simple, for you.  Sometimes it is hard to create and maintain a website, for some, it is hard to keep up with the online marketing. At Norliden, our mission is to help become success full in the online world. Let’s build something together at Norliden, a marketplace where we all are successful and family.

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At Norliden, our vision is to create a better life, growth, and ecosystem for many people by building a marketplace on a local and global scale. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of design, crafted products and putting your products to as many people as possible that are looking for your particular item.

Norliden have the tools and know-how, you got amazing and unique products; let’s make something exciting together! We believe in great and unique designs, handmade products, no matter which style and material you prefer our team will work hard to ensure that your products meet your day-to-day needs and eliminate the unnecessary for you.

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Our business idea is based on a partnership and building for the long-term. We commit to do our part, which starts with our marketplace and to find smart ways to market your products using existing strategies and processes. Customers look all over the world for unique products like yours with the most suitable satisfaction.